You’re a leader who knows that people are at the center of an exceptional organizational culture. You're excited to activate a culture of continuous learning – where everyone is capable, confident, and empowered to solve problems and innovate at all levels.

This podcast is all about inspiring and equipping you to do that – through the power of learning and leading.

Chain of Learning® is where the links of leadership and learning unite.

Join your host, Katie Anderson, internationally recognized leadership consultant, award-winning author of “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn”, and fellow learning enthusiast, for a journey that will help you master the skills to lead your organization from a traditional culture of “doing” into a vibrant, high-performing organization of continuous learning.

Chain of Learning® is the trusted source for purpose-driven leaders and continuous improvement, lean, and agile practitioners seeking positive inspiration, innovative ideas, proven best practices, and actionable strategies to lead transformational change.

Tune into each episode to gain the knowledge and skills you need to build a thriving people-centered learning culture, achieve needed business results, and expand your impact, so that you – and your team – can leave a lasting legacy.

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